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KITTY FOLMER (MSc) - founder of Art is Alive. So Are You.© 

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Art is Alive. So Are You.© is developed by Kitty Folmer. After her graduation and obtaining a master's degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam (1998) she wanted to acquire a deeper understanding of healing of mind, body and soul.  Since then she has been trained in a wide variety of healing modalities (read more) which changed her view on reality completely. Besides her healing practice, Kitty's passion for art has always been active. Here is where she finds inspiration and nourishment. Whilst studying History of Art for a while, it was in a moment of her mystical experience in front of a painting (read more) that she fully understood that there is a deep connection between art and the spiritual teachings she had received. During her research she found out that it's still an unexplored territory in both fields. This led to the conception of her innovative workshop Art is Alive. So Are You. ©  Kitty runs a successful energetic therapy practice and is an inspiring workshop facilitator. Art is Alive. So Are You.© is based in Amsterdam. 

"After I came out of the Guggenheim seeing the work of Hilma af Klint, while I was in a New York cab on my way to a place to have lunch, my friend who went with me to the exhibition, took a good look at my face. And she asked, ‘what happened to you, you look like you have fallen in love.’ That description felt right to me in the moment. My body was awake, alive and full of the flow called love. Love for life and love for all around me."

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