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Art is not dead material, it's alive. It awakens, brings joy into your being and breaks your heart open. If you allow it. It brings you into contact with the deeper layers that are hidden in life itself. It activates your original being, that part of you that never left the light. Your core being. This deep realization came to me many years ago while I visited the Van Gogh museum. 

"Just in an instant. In an instant while I was standing in front of a painting, I was touched by the deeper quality of the painting in front of me. And it hit me. Just as lightning can hit you and sends electricity through your body. In that same way I was hit by the painting, a current of light, life force went through me and I could feel a deep, deep joy! The kind of joy that you unconsciously are looking for in life, the deeply nourishing joy. I was being awakened by a painting of Van Gogh. I was moved, deeply touched and shaken to the core of my being. A painting that I had seen as dead material somehow became a living object and brought me into a completely different relationship to myself, to Van Gogh and to Art in general. The painting was alive, and so was I."

"I looked around me and saw the other people who were there in the museum as well and I asked myself are they conscious of the treasure that is hidden in these paintings? Most of the visitors looked very serious while watching the art of Van Gogh. Were they really enjoying themselves watching the famous paintings? Or were they "sleeping" spectators just like I had been before the painting kissed me awake."

"Up until that moment I thought that Van Gogh was a very depressed and maybe even psychotic person, I had read about his life. It was a sad story. How the hell could I experience such joy and life force in front of one of his paintings? Was this what his work was all about? Was this wat attracted people from all over the world to his museum in Amsterdam and to other masterpieces exhibited in other musea? So that's were my journey started... I started to explore and research it and here we are many years later on this path of exploration. I invite you on this journey with me. It's here to share with everyone

From the book Art is Alive. So Are You.© by Kitty Folmer. If you want to stay informed about the publishing date click here.

“…art is something which, although produced by human hands, is not created by these hands alone, but something which wells up from a deeper source in our souls...”


van Gogh

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